New Regular Carrier Salary Charts

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Hand and money staircase isolated on white

Hand and money staircase isolated on white

The new regular carrier salary charts have been released with the COLA included which will be effective Sept. 7th, 2013

Reference original COLA numbers below
With the release of the Bureau of Labor Statistics July 2013 Consumer Price Index – Urban Wage and Clerical Workers (CPI-W), and pursuant to Article 9.1.E of the 2010-2015 National Agreement, there will be a $562 COLA increase for eligible rural carriers, effective September 7, 2013, (PP 20-13).

Further, the deferred payment of $375 from the July 2012 trigger will be paid in addition to this release. The total increase will be $937 per annum, $36.04 per pay period or .45 per hour for a 40-hour route, and increased proportionally for routes over 40 hours.

NOTE: For RCA/RCR employees on rolls prior to August 11, 2012, an amount equal to the COLA paid to full-time rural carriers on an hourly basis under the 2010 Agreement will be rolled into RCA/RCR hourly rates during the first full pay period of August 2015.

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12 Comments on "New Regular Carrier Salary Charts"

    • Erin

      Why don’t aux carriers get step grades? I called my “union” and was cut off short cause I am an RCA and not regular, I paid union dues for 11 years now and union rep didn’t have 5 minutes to talk to me

  1. aux rca

    its just crazy how us RCA's prior to have to wait untill 2015 …. its a damn COST OF LIVING ADJUSTMENT….. what they thing our cost of living is less then regulars … ooo wait life wont get expensive for us untill 2015 …. silly me how could i think other wise…. the other thing that frosts my tookis is ….. 6 day a week aux carriers are not considered full time career employees ….. what the hell…. we are accountable for that run the same as a regular….. NOT FAIR………

    • Craig

      Please become actively involved at local, state, and national meetings. You will be amazed how many resolutions are put forth every year BY REGULAR CARRIERS trying to get this changed.

      Contact your representative and senators and give them your opinion also, That is how it will get changed.

    • rca

      your right aux rca if all of rca pulled out of the union they would be hurting they sold us under the bus because they don’t know if we will have a job if we loose a day of delivery. They take care of the regulars and we wait for how many years to get a full time spot not to mention all the other sub in other crafts have so much more than we do

  2. This does not begin to make up for the losses suffered under the new time standards! Our union is a joke and the laughing stock of the other Postal unions. HOURLY is the only way to insure a fair days work for a fair days pay.

    • Ed Powers

      Please…..rural carriers going hourly is the stupidest idea we could possibly come up with. We do PIECE WORK and should be compensated as such. Look at the fiasco that is the city carrier craft, if you are so unfortunately subjected to it in your office. Management is constantly up their butts about everything you could possibly think of because of their HOURLY pay and them trying to save hours. I know that I for one want NO PART of the hassles they are subjected to because of this.

      The fact is that any rural carrier worth a salt and under 80 years old can beat their evaluated time on a constant basis, most of us quite comfortably. I work directly next to a rural carrier who is 68 years old, whom I know for a fact does not take all credits he is entitled to when he’s counted, and is without a doubt under-evaluated by at least 2 hours a week and he beats his evaluation even at christmas time. In addition, even the RCA’s in my office can beat the evaluations even on the routes they aren’t terribly familiar with.

      I’d say the better solution would be for you to find a more efficient way to do your job instead of complaining about a system 99% of us benefit from.

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