A rural carrier’s experience with the new GPS/Cell Phone Scanner

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The following is a user’s experience with the new scanner set ups..  What new scanner set up you ask?  We’ve got that one covered too.  Click here for a previous post on the new Scanner set up.

And this link is the new info which details a rural carrier’s experience with the new set up..

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32 Comments on "A rural carrier’s experience with the new GPS/Cell Phone Scanner"

  1. OkIgetit

    These GPS phones are just UPS rejects…. Not to mention they could at least integrate the two. I understand we will be getting "new" scanners, but why wast the money on these phones and the service we pay…..

  2. Mike

    Leave your scanner, gps, keys (If it's genuine rural), and dog spray (Unless you know there's a dog back there somewhere) in the vehicle. all you really need are the accountable, the pen and the 3849. take care of the rest when you get back to the llv.

  3. I am in a true rural area. We have limited cell phone towers and areas that don't get a signal or drop calls. How do the scanners work in this type of area?

  4. Peyton, CO got them a few months ago. Since then, there's been an update that allows the scanner and phone to upload bar codes in the background. You don't even know it's happening. So you just throw the phone in the truck and forget about it. On the downside, management has an app that let's them track your movements. Big brother is watching!

  5. ed

    We got these in Canton,Mi this past Saturday-I scanned a parcel when I delivered it and then went online using MY cell phone to see if it showed in "real time" that it was delivered and it did not-it showed out for delivery at 8:05 when the clerk scanned it in the office-so I'm not really sure if this is any better than what we already had….

  6. Mike

    Well, I guess we must be getting our money's worth because every single parcel now has a USPS Tracking code that needs to be scanned. Anybody had a count lately that reflects what appears to be a huge increase in scanned materials???

  7. Dennis Dressler

    the cell phones which is being kind were approx. 99 cents each and are not fully functional. the updated soft ware has made them much easier to deal with no more 90 second shut downs. they did it on the cheap…instead of all that time trying to cut work hours i am glad to see them do something to improve customer service…customers can now track updates on deliveries in a real time fashion give or take 15 minutes…

  8. Andre

    Just so everyone knows. I was at a recent union training seminar and NALC President Rolando was there and spoke to us. The phones was given to the Post Office because Amazon wants real time updates and we are the cheapest in the world so they want to maintain using the USPS. The Post Office will be paying for airtime and data but the phones are FREE!!!

  9. Christine

    I only found out they had an update because mine wasn't asking to postpone or commence either. I sent a text to my supervisor who had said that there was an update and not to worry. They had only gotten the memo about the update the day before and had not had a chance to let us know. Apparently they weren't letting carries know all over. This update so far seems to occur seemlessly and have had no problems yet. Hope it stays that way. Glad I could help to answer your concerns.

  10. We just got them a couple of weeks ago. It cost more time when you had to wait to scan because it was downloading. Glad to know there has been an update. I thought my scanner didn't communicate with the phone since it wasn't asking if you want to postpone or commence.

  11. you are right and why 2 devices they dont have the technology to incorporate these int o 1 device..I have a big route i can barely get back now..and money I thought the post office was broke…seriously???how much did this cost?

  12. Christine

    There was a new update with the cell phones and you should no longer hear a beep, or have to stop scanning during a upload. The scanner will now allow for you to continue to scan parcels, certs, etc. while the scanner is in upload mode, You may not use some of the other functions like search barcode or changing user profile. Now with this update you won't even notice.

    Before this update I was having issues with the upload, as it would cause the screen of my computer to to all crazy scrolling on sereral occations.In fact it caused my scanner to crash, and it needed to be replaced. Now that the window that came up with the old upload gone that hasn't happened.

  13. Rick Flood

    In early June of 2013 after having used the new cellphone for a few months it was decided we would stop using them for an indefinite period of time. It seems that due to some unknown error, scans were being dropped, lost, or something and our percentage went down. Something like 75 or 80 scans were lost.

    There have been issues with the pairing where it says it was paired but it never downloaded from the scanner.

    There have also been issues with the battery. It seems that even if you turn the phone off when it is recharging overnight, the battery does not always last the 5-6 hrs on the route.

    Incidentally, we were told that the cellphones were a temporary solution until our new scanners arrived.

    Of course there has been no mention of how to account for the time when pausing the download is missed.

      • Christine

        I work in Ontario, California. We aren't as Rural as most other areas most likely are. We are a very high volume parcel office with multiple large business warehouses.

    • rosa bryant

      A temporary fix ? Can't imagine what the post office paid for these obsolete flip phones not to mention the cost of the "data plans" that are automatically attached to any phone with GPS. Let alone thousands of them !! Ours came today all ready to be unboxed and charged.

  14. dee

    my office is using these and it is sold as the new parcel tracking real time. We were told it is district policy to have on "our person" at all times" When mngt and PM was asked do I have to have it on me during my break and when on a comfort stop i was told again "at all times on your person" One co-worker was tracked in the office during break. I find it intrusive and violation of my ammendment rights to track me during personal time and in non reasonable situations such as personal time or during comfort stops. If they want to track employees why bother tracking the rural craft who work within an evaluation???? very idiotic decision.

  15. Sheri

    Management better hope the USPS stays afoat…none of that brain trust could get a job in the real world! Spending money they don't have seems to be the way to do business….just look at Congress, Senate and The Presdient…….all spending money they didn't earn…Why should the postal service be any different? We work for LOOSERS!

  16. Patti

    Will they be giving out back-packs with these? Let's see…I'm ready to deliver a package, I've got my scanner, GPS, dog spray, LLV keys, pen and accountable slip. Did I forget anything?

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